Meshed is now used by 1 in 4 Australian Private Higher Education providers.

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Case Studies

Meshed is not only known for our leading education management software, but for the way we partner with our clients to ensure their tailored solution is implemented successfully. 

Pacific College was looking for a user-friendly and comprehensive solution. We migrated their data to Meshed, managed implementation and provided training, with staff and students now embracing the platform and all it has to offer.

Seeking a compliant, scalable and easy solution, Crown Institute welcomed Meshed’s expert implementation support, and its leaders and staff are now confident their enterprise management solution can grow as fast and effectively as they will.

Operating with outdated legacy solutions, Pacific needed to update quickly so its managed platform could support the rapid growth it had experienced. Pacific was not only delighted with its customised solution, but also the Meshed team who helped implement and support it.

A new owner, an investment injection, and a a complete audit of business processes and information systems led the Kent Institute of Business and Technology (Kent) to replace its legacy system with RTOManager. Supported by a culture of continuous improvement, it was a very successful transition to an enterprise management system, with commitment from Board down, and establishment of a key user team.

The Australis Institute of Technology and Education (NSW Campus) was finding it increasingly challenging to manage its business processes with its existing technology provider. They required a user-friendly solution that provided the functionality to manage overall operations in a streamlined and consistent manner.

A recommendation from another College prompted Abbey College to turn to RTOManager after identifying that their current student management system, despite being only a few years old, lacked the required functionality. With substantial growth in international enrolments and a need to reduce rework, the College required a centralised system to effectively facilitate every aspect of administration, delivery and management.

When creativeintension, an organisational development consultancy, purchased Corelink, a registered training organisation, it found the current provider could not support both functions of the business, and was not willing to customise their solution to fit the new enterprise. As a result, creativeintension looked for a technology partner in the education space that was progressive and agile, responsive to regulatory changes, and provided a holistic solution to the challenges they were facing with processes, accuracy and compliance.

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