ABA100 Leading In Business And Product Innovation

The Australian Business Awards 2020

Meshed Group has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner in The Australian Business Awards 2020 for Software Innovation.

Now in their fifteenth year, The Australian Business Awards (ABA) program provides an opportunity for high-performing organisations which implement world-class business initiatives and develop innovative products and services to be acknowledged and honoured for their achievements both nationally and internationally. The national winners are benchmarked in the international chapter of the program at The World Business Awards whereby participants are provided with the unique opportunity to benchmark themselves against the top performers globally.

Technology solutions to support your Online teaching strategies

An Overview on the Meshed Group SMS platform integration with Canvas Learning Management System.

Watch the video to learn more about how the Meshed Group SMS platform integration with Canvas Learning Management System can support your Online Teaching Strategies.

Meshed Group supporting Education Providers online learning strategies

The ongoing spread of the new coronavirus has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy. In many countries, restrictions imposed by government agencies have disrupted daily routines for millions, including students. Many education institutions around the world have suspended face-to-face classes, seminars, closed campuses, and will have the need to deliver courses online. Online learning will be the way forward with the current COVID-19 situation. Education Providers are now testing the transition to online learning. They are looking for teachers to be able to provide easy access to rich course content, online lectures, real-time tutoring and technology-enabled learning in ways that education delivery can be an effective learning experience.

Meshed Group COVID-19 Update

To Meshed Group Clients,

Meshed Group is committed to the health and wellbeing of our staff whilst supporting our valuable clients and education community. We value our relationship with you, and we want to reassure you we can provide business continuity during this uncertain time.

Meshed – TCSI Solution for Higher Education providers is here!

Meshed – TCSI Solution for Higher Education providers is here!

We are very excited to announce our latest platform feature; the Meshed – TCSI Solution for Higher Education Providers. At Meshed, we are committed to supporting the TCSI project and its solutions to ensure Provider data from Meshed Higher-Ed platform will be correctly and accurately reported to the relevant Government entities. The Meshed Group Technical, Design, and Development teams have been actively working on the Meshed Higher-Ed platform Integration models, designs, prototypes, etc.