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The Australis Institute of Technology and Education (NSW Campus) was finding it increasingly challenging to manage its business processes with its existing technology provider. They required a user-friendly solution that provided the functionality to manage overall operations in a streamlined and consistent manner.

The Challenges

The following challenges were identified as part of project planning:

  • Migrating data from the format presented by the current provider
  • Ensuring staff were well-trained for campus-wide deployment, and
  • Keeping up with the rapid expansion of the business.


In order to mitigate the above challenges, the Meshed team embedded the following solutions in project planning and deployment:

  • A detailed Scope of Work was determined with Australis, ensuring the implementation met business requirements
  • Module customisation to support organisational-specific needs
  • Extensive project planning to ensure the transition and implementation of RTOManager was seamless
  • Phased training, with ongoing training and support after implementation
  • High-level support during implementation and launch to ensure a smooth transition to new system, and ongoing support to help staff bed in new processes.


RTOManager has directly supported the organizational development of the Australis Institute of Technology and Education by providing accurate reporting, ensuing business decisions are supported by data and providing the ability for the provider to reposition itself quickly in response to performance metrics.

  • With customised technology that supports formal business processes, operations are more effective
  • Compliance and reporting is easier and more accurate
  • The management team have a real time view of results and performance via custom reporting options.

Business growth has been attributed to the reduction in manual administration, which has freed up time for business development.

With incredible success on the NSW Campus, RTOManager has since been rolled out to the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Cairns campuses.

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