Meshed is now used by 1 in 4 Australian Private Higher Education providers.

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Higher Education

Unlock the full potential of your private higher education institution with Meshed Higher-Ed. Our comprehensive solution empowers you to enrich the student experience, and their management, from the very moment they join you, until they successfully graduate.

Higher Education management software

Taking education to new heights

Delivering higher education doesn’t just open doors, it catapults students into long and successful careers!

Our tailor-made solution is crafted for higher education institutions, from private higher education providers to dual education providers. It is a holistic platform created to oversee every facet of a student’s experience, from the application process to academics, communication and graduation.

Our Meshed solution

Working right alongside every student throughout their learning journey, Meshed Higher-Ed is the vibrant centre of all educational activity!

From seamless application and admissions, to dynamic course selection and accessible communication, Meshed has it all covered – even down to the critical details of payments and the exciting culmination of graduation.

But Meshed isn’t just a platform; it’s a positive transformational force! Using its purpose-built modules, you can rewrite the playbook on institutional management, harnessing the power of automation, data, and streamlined processes to improve productivity and amplify outcomes.

Our array of modules powers efficient information flow, seamlessly connecting students, facilitators, staff, and external recruitment agencies. It is your trusted source for student financial management, academic progress and document management.

Join the Meshed movement and elevate your institution.

Higher Education management software
Higher Education management software

Our Experience

Meshed Group has an intricate and intimate understanding of the higher education sector – in fact, our Founder was a university lecturer for more than a decade before starting our company!

We have worked collaboratively with our higher education partners and clients in this space for more than a decade, to build modules that are relevant, useful and user-friendly. 

Why choose us


Proven Track Record

For 16 years, Meshed has worked with education providers, servicing various sectors in the market – from small and simple to large and complex.

Deep Industry knowledge

With more than a decade partnering closely with the sector, we have developed a deep understanding of its needs and challenges. 

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Investment in Innovation

We believe if you stand still, you get left behind. Meshed has and always will focus on cutting-edge innovative solutions


Comprehensive Capability

Our consultants draw on expertise in software and academia, training and change, to deliver a well-rounded solution. 


Australia-based support

Our whole team is right here in Australia — leadership, development and support, on standby, to assist you when and how you need it. 

Our Clients

For over a decade, we have partnered with Australian educational organisations and assisted with their transformation.

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