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Pacific College of Technology

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Change from existing provider

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The Australis Institute of Technology and Education (NSW Campus) was finding it increasingly challenging to manage its business processes with its existing technology provider. They required a user-friendly solution that provided the functionality to manage overall operations in a streamlined and consistent manner.

The Customer & Their Requirements

Pacific College of Technology previously used an in-house system and later switched to another student management system.

These systems were not user-friendly for their staff, and consequently, they began searching for a more comprehensive CRICOS component system that could manage various aspects of their business in one platform.

After reviewing a few other systems in the market, the PCT team found that the Meshed system was user-friendly and had many features they liked to manage their business, course enrolments, and financial side of the business. They were looking for a one-stop solution that would cater to the smooth running of their education business.

The Meshed system helps streamline student management processes and increase efficiency.

It is designed to handle various aspects of the education business, including student management, course management, customer relationship management, and financial management.

Pradip Dhakal, Director and Principal said, “Pramesh, the CEO of Meshed group, introduced us to the Meshed system which he believed would be beneficial in managing our education business. He was knowledgeable about our business and explained how the system could help us.”


The Meshed Data Migration team collaborated with the PCT team to migrate their student data during the setup phase. The Meshed Training and Implementation team provided comprehensive training and support to customise the system according to their business processes.

PCT’s Accounts, Marketing, and Student Services teams use the student management system for daily operations.

The staff at PCT mentioned the transition to the Meshed system has resulted in reduced paperwork, time-saving, improved log and communication capture, and accessibility from anywhere.

Pradip Dhakal, Director and Principal said, “The interface of the Meshed system is much better than the old system we had, and my staff is much happier and more comfortable with the system now. Overall, PCT’s decision to switch to the Meshed system proved to be beneficial for their business. The system’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features allowed for efficient management of their students, enrolments, finances, and other aspects of their business.”


The PCT Management team, Admin team, Academics, and students have fully embraced the Meshed system.

It has been able to cater to PCT’s student management system needs, reducing staff workload by 30%.

The Director also expressed his satisfaction with the system, stating that he will always recommend the Meshed system to other colleges.

Pradip Dhakal, Director and Principal said, “The Meshed system has been instrumental in creating invoices, COE, and capturing all student data. With the help of agents using the system, our job has been made easier, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where we have asked our agents to upload data. The Meshed system has proven to be user-friendly and has many features that are beneficial in managing our business, teachers, and students. We are eagerly looking forward to the latest system updates, including PRISM integration. The system is purpose-built for the education sector, greatly reduces paperwork, and provides remote access and great security. The Meshed team has been wonderful in supporting our team on all queries.”

Meshed Group CEO, Pramesh Khadka says, “We are delighted to be able to work with PCT on achieving a positive outcome for the business and provide better experience throughout the implementation and ongoing support process. Meshed Group is proud to associate with PCT who has been providing training to Students over 30 years.”

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