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Security Statement

Meshed Group hosting, data backup and security statement

Meshed Group hosting servers are hosted in Australian based cloud provider and also at an alternate data centre location. Meshed Group uses a combination of virtual and physical servers to facilitate hosting of platforms.

All our servers are patched up to latest anti-virus and are safeguarded via firewall and only selective ports are open to allow application access. Strong security policies are set up across all our servers and our servers are monitored continuously to identify any possible attack. Our systems and software are built up on latest Microsoft Technology and continuously updated with latest patch or upgrades as recommended.

All client sites are SSL hosted (RSA 256-bit encryption), ensuring the data is encrypted between the server and the client browser accessing the system. All our clients sites are set up as a separate website in IIS and databases are separately setup and accessed. Only authenticated user is allowed the access of the system and the system checks the authentication for each request. All user login details are encrypted and stored in the databases. For added security purpose, we recommend our client to keep their user login credentials secure and not share with other users.

Client sites have high availability for the customers as we use cloud providers that are locally based and have data centre set up in Australia. Meshed Group client data and files are backed up every night and multiple backup copies are kept in multiple locations. Data Backup are kept for 4 weeks and the files Backup (uploaded by user or generated by System) are kept for 1 week. Meshed Group also has provisions to provide data backup (in text or csv delimited format only) at least once a year for customers within five working days of the request. The backed-up data can then be kept in any relevant storage device by the customer (external drive, internal drive, tape or CD/DVD etc.), which can then be archived for access in future as required. Our customer is entitled to request the data backup as per Licence provisions during the subscription or upon termination.

Meshed Group applications are designed in multi-tier architecture with business logic layer managing the communication between presentation layer and the database layer. Meshed Group softwares has been designed to prevent any SQL injection attacks and is designed to report any application error or issues to our service desk team.

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