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Swap slow, siloed systems with a game-changing online higher education platform, and transform the way you manage your education business. Streamline processes, take care of sector compliance and take your business to the next level.

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Built for a higher purpose

Educational organisations do so much more than deliver lessons and award qualifications – you empower people with knowledge, shape minds and mould the leaders of the future. So why is so much of the industry weighed down in complex and cumbersome processes?

Meshed Higher-Ed is a comprehensive online higher education platform purpose-built to eliminate complexity and introduce a new, more streamlined approach to education delivery and management. 

Offering our acclaimed modular design and tailoring, it drives efficiency, improves performance and increases student satisfaction.


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Platform benefits



Manage the complete student lifecycle from application through to academic progression and completion, with one online higher education platform. Introduce a new level of visibility, communication and efficiency to your staff and students. 



Build student engagement and satisfaction by providing easy access to information — anywhere, anytime. Enable self service to enrol in classes, to update personal information, complete surveys, view and send communication and pay fees.

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Make adhering to industry reporting regulations a much easier and less daunting task by using standard workflows that instantly capture required compliance data, and make complex reporting a simple process.

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Save time with intuitive, automated workflows that reduce manual processes and streamline tasks across every department. Enable your team – from decision makers and administrators, to academics – to be more productive, with fewer resources.

Our Modules

Our comprehensive online higher education platform includes a selection of modules designed specifically to support higher educational businesses. 

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Course Program & Structure

Set up, design and develop academic programs and curriculum structure. 


Campus & Multi Location

Use one system to manage campuses, students, staff and workflows in different locations.


Applications & Enrolment

Receive online applications, and process admissions from all student categories.


Lifecycle & Administration

Facilitate the student journey, communication and payments in one place. 


Finance &

Manage all financial functions, from payments, invoices and receipts, to payment plans. 


Timetable &

Schedule lectures, tutorials or workshops and provide choice of subjects and class times.


Assessment & Academic Progressions

Record and keep up to date with student results and academic progression.


Course Completion & Graduation

Oversee course completions and graduations, and generate relevant academic documents.


Regulatory &

Meet all regulatory and government compliance and reporting requirements.

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Credit Transfer & Scholarships

Administer credit transfers for previous studies, scholarships and bursaries with ease.


Administrative &
Academic Staff

Enable access to relevant areas of the platform based on roles and responsibilities.


Portal Access

Provide user-friendly self-service capabilities for students, academics, agents and staff.


Marketing &

Set up and manage course promotions for students and agents using available tools.

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Education Agent Administration

Run recruitment processes, compliance, communication and commissions.


Student Intervention & Case Management

Undertake student interventions and enable tracking and case management.


Communication Tools & Reports

View business information through a suite of reports, and channel communication to stakeholders. 


Workflow & Process Automation

Automate tasks with pre-built and purpose-built workflows to introduce new efficiencies. 



Integrate seamlessly with other platforms for simplified and reliable data exchange.

Our integrations


Meshed Group provides much more than software! Our expert team also empowers you with a range of services that help you get the most from your new technology solution. 

Training & Support

Training & Support

We deliver face-to-face or online training, webinars, an extensive user-guide, a service desk with ticket tracking and client access portals.



Our platform offers unrivalled flexibility. We integrate it with other complementary systems and tailor a solution to fit your business needs. 

Data Migration

Data Migration

We know how important continuity is for your business. Our expert consultants work with you to transfer all existing data from your old system to new. 

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Drawing on Meshed’s extensive expertise and industry understanding, you can have an education enterprise management solution made just for you. 



In carefully crafted sessions, our consultants help you plan your next steps, identifying challenges, mapping solutions and solving your problems.

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