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A recommendation from another College prompted Abbey College to turn to RTOManager after identifying their current student management system, despite being only a few years old, lacked the required functionality. With substantial growth in international enrolments and a need to reduce rework, the College required a centralised system to effectively manage every aspect of administration, delivery and management.

The Challenges

The following challenges were identified as part of project planning:

  • Retrieving vital data from the current provider and other software platforms and matching datafields
  • Ensuring reports were matched to RTOManager
  • Staff resistance to change as the:
    • Existing system had only been in place for a few years, and
    • Templates were different.


In order to mitigate the above challenges, the Meshed team ensured the following solutions were embedded in project planning and deployment:

  • RTOManager professional package with additional customisation
  • A detailed data migration approach, matching each of the fields within the current system to RTOManager prior to the import/migration of data
  • The delivery of face-to-face training to three administration staff and the financial team
  • Replication of all certificates and corporate documents to change the template system from Microsoft Word to HTML
  • Extensive Helpdesk support.

Once data was transferred from the old system into RTOManager, staff members were able to use RTOManager to manage their daily operations.

Ongoing training and responsive HelpDesk support was provided as staff adapted to the new system.


Abbey College has eliminated the need for staff to double handle data, provided additional usability for students, and quickly, simply and easily complies with all legislative and regulatory requirements.

  • Students can now enroll and pay online, significantly reducing paperwork, rework and administration time
  • Business processes are more efficient, critical for a small team coping with increased enrolments, and
  • Compliance and reporting is significantly easier than under the previous system
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