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Professional Year

Introduce a ground-breaking approach to tailored education management using Meshed for Professional Year programs. With every facet of the student lifecycle flawlessly streamlined in one solution, manage delivery of courses, internship placement, and host company management to inspire exceptional outcomes from students, teachers and administrators.

Professional Year management software

Empowering you to bridge the gap

The beginning of a life-changing adventure, Professional Year studies enable international and domestic graduates to experience Australian workplaces before joining the local workforce to build their career. 

Meshed solution for Professional Year providers, empowers you to deliver outstanding programs, and give every student the support they need to truly excel, while managing your education business more efficiently. 

Our Meshed solution

Professional Year courses are a bridge between study and employment, and a dynamic launchpad into the professional world, both for international and domestic students!

Our cutting-edge Meshed RTOManager for Professional Year empowers robust course management, host company management, internship placements, progress tracking, and unwavering mentorship support.

It enables your staff to ensure graduates are not just ready, but primed to excel in their chosen careers.

Our platform includes a comprehensive suite of modules meticulously designed to amplify operational efficiency, and includes tools specifically designed for Professional Year providers.

Meshed offers a dedicated module that guides staff and students through every step of the internship process, from initial placement to successful completion.

Enhance learning outcomes and set your students on the path to a flourishing career.

Professional Year management software
Professional Year management software

Our Experience

Meshed Group has been working in close partnership with Professional Year providers for more than a decade.

We have robust industry knowledge and we have adapted our solutions as we have learned more and as the industry has evolved over time. 

Why choose us


Proven Track Record

For 16 years, Meshed has worked with education providers, servicing various sectors in the market – from small and simple to large and complex.

Deep Industry knowledge

With more than a decade partnering closely with the sector, we have developed a deep understanding of its needs and challenges. 

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Investment in Innovation

We believe if you stand still, you get left behind. Meshed has and always will focus on cutting-edge thinking and implementation.  


Comprehensive Capability

Our consultants draw on expertise in software and academia, training and change, to deliver a well-rounded solution. 


Australia-based support

Our whole team is right here in Australia — leadership, development and support, on standby, to assist you when and how you need it. 

Our Clients

For over a decade, we have partnered with Australian educational organisations and assisted with their transformation.

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