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Crown Institute of Higher Education (CIHE)

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Crown Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) was established in 2018 with a long-term vision to become a provider of choice for students who wish to gain an internationally recognised higher education of high quality. After having reviewed other student management systems and due to an existing business relationship with Meshed Group, CIHE decided to choose Meshed Higher-Ed as their SMS.

The Challenges

Crown Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) is committed to fostering an outstanding learning and teaching environment, one that actively engages students in their studies and the interpersonal contexts of learning that supports them throughout. The institution recognises that a positive and supportive learning environment is central to promoting life-long learning and an appreciation for the academic, scholarly, and applied skills required for career success. It provides courses in Accounting, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and English for Academic Purposes with 5 campuses across Australia.

CIHE wanted to purchase a compliant, scalable, and easy-to-use student management system to help them automate their business processes and increase efficiency. CIHE’s sister company CIBT (Crown Institute of Business & Technology) discovered the Meshed system through word of mouth and adopted the system in 2011.

Having reviewed a few other systems in the market, the CIHE team found the system was user-friendly and had many features they liked to manage their business, teachers, and their students. Furthermore, due to the existing relationship with Meshed and staff familiarity with using Meshed products, CIHE decided to adopt Meshed HE as the chosen system.

Dr. Narayan Tiwari, Chief Executive Officer said, “Meshed has a wide range of reports that the Board and Management team can use to monitor daily operations”. 


Adopting the Meshed system was a smooth journey for the CIHE team with the support of the Meshed Implementation team and a few CIHE staff who had previous experience working on the Meshed system. CIHE was confident it had secured a system that could keep up with its growth, and a technology partner that could customise its systems to suit its business needs.

The system implementation process and training the team was first completed at the North Sydney campus and later adopted by other campuses. Purchasing the Multi-Campus Feature (Optional Module) ensured the separation of applications, enrolments, timetable, academic management, and information for each campus within the Meshed Higher-Ed Student Management System.

Meshed HE system addressed CIHE’s major pain points like maintaining data on excel sheets, paper and manual work. With the system, communicating with students has become easier due to communication templates and bulk emails and SMS text messages to students. To tailor the system to their business needs, CIHE had the flexibility to reach the Meshed technical team to customise and configure it.

CIHE and Meshed teams are currently working on customising the Online Enrolment Module further to suit their business processes. The Online Enrolment allows students to enrol themselves using the student portal, or staff to enrol students from the student profile, into course subjects with timetabled classes during a defined enrolment period. CIHE is also considering integration with its Moodle platform. The Moodle integration will enable data exchange between Meshed HE and Moodle enabling students to have instant user access to Moodle, enrolling them in the relevant course and accessing all e-learning tools and material. All grades and assessment outcomes from Moodle will be automatically uploaded into Meshed HE.

Dr. Narayan Tiwari, Chief Executive Officer said, “The integration will help save time by minimising manual work. Currently teachers prepare excel sheets of results and it is manually entered into the Meshed platform”.


CIHE Management team, Admin team, Academics, and students have embraced the Meshed HE system. Currently planning to offer access to agents, this will create transparency between agents and the college. Agents can place student applications to the college through the agent portal and can manage their commissions.

CIHE team found the Meshed system user-friendly and noted has many features they like to manage their business, teachers, and their students.

Dr. Narayan Tiwari, Chief Executive Officer said, “I have always been recommending the Meshed system to other colleges. The system is scalable and will grow with the business, allowing you to take advantage of new features and services as needs arise. The Meshed sales and support team has been very supportive and highly responsive, and the technical staff will work with you and go through the requirement. Binod has been very helpful, especially during the PIR submission”.

Meshed Group CEO, Pramesh Khadka said, “We are pleased to continue our excellent business relationship with CIHE, as they adopt Meshed HigherEd platform. Our focus on innovation and collaboration with valuable partner institutions like CIHE, enables us to further progress on our goal to provide quality, reliable, and customised platform to Higher Education sector. Our mission is to help institutions achieve their true potential through our technology and support services”.

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