Meshed is now used by 1 in 4 Australian Private Higher Education providers.

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University Partners

Unleash our cutting-edge student management solution to seamlessly integrate with university systems, and streamline every aspect of your student journey. Get ready to elevate student success, boost academic excellence, and enable administrative efficiency!

University Partners Management Software

Charting a smarter course

Australia has come a long way over recent decades, and is now home to some of the world’s best universities, with graduating students highly regarded, right around the globe. 

How these institutions are managed, can play a big role in how they grow and evolve. 

Meshed Higher-Ed for University Partners provides a carefully-selected set of specialist modules, and the capability to exchange data with external university systems, enabling more efficient and data-driven education management, and the opportunity to truly thrive!

Our Meshed solution

In the changing landscape of University Partner Providers, there is a growing need for a technology solution that can seamlessly stitch together every stage of the student journey, connecting to external systems for reliable data exchange. That solution is Meshed!

From the flutter of applications and admissions, to the steady rhythm of academic teaching, and the distinct requirements of student financial management, all processes are powerfully orchestrated within Meshed’s one, unified suite of modules. 

Meshed isn’t just a solution, it’s an upgrade! Refine the essence of  student management and set the stage for a smoother, smarter, and superior educational journey for everyone involved.

University Partners Management Software
University Partners Management Software

Our Experience

For more than a decade, the team at Meshed has serviced the technology needs of University Partner providers in the education sector, developing an intrinsic understanding of the student lifecycle, staff requirements, and data exchange within university systems. 

Working collaboratively and consultatively, we have shaped a set of modules that address the very unique needs of businesses in this space,  drawing on our vast experience and customisation capabilities.

Why choose us


Proven Track Record

For 16 years, Meshed has worked with education providers, servicing various sectors in the market – from small and simple to large and complex.


Deep Industry knowledge

With more than a decade partnering closely with the sector, we have developed a deep understanding of its needs and challenges. 

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Investment in Innovation

We believe if you stand still, you get left behind. Meshed has and always will focus on cutting-edge thinking and implementation.  


Comprehensive Capability

Our consultants draw on expertise in software and academia, training and change, to deliver a well-rounded solution. 


Australia-based support

Our whole team is right here in Australia — leadership, development and support, on standby, to assist you when and how you need it. 

Our Clients

For over a decade, we have partnered with Australian educational organisations and assisted with their transformation.

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