A process that represents a true partnership.

At Meshed we have a simple 5-Step process that’s designed to help you transform your business and achieve your objectives.

  • Consult

    1. Consult

    Before anything else happens, we want to understand the processes within, and the objectives of, your business. We create conversations, listen to your requirements and think about the end user or customer. Only after this is done do we start to advise.

  • Plan

    2. Plan

    Now we plan for your ultimate success taking into account budget and resources. Our planning process turns our research into a clear strategy, and our ideas and innovative technology develops a scalable solution for your business.

  • Build

    3. Build

    This is where we develop, design and create based on a comprehensive plan. Our team incorporates best business practice and next generation technology to develop the information architecture and interface design.

  • Implement

    4. Implement

    Your product is built and now we’re ready to put it into action and launch. During implementation we engage the project team and end users to scrutinise the system, we offer training to educate your team on its operation, and make sure it has minimal impact on operations.

  • Support

    5. Support

    Our partnership doesn’t end once your system or product is launched. We offer ongoing support through training, documentation, a help desk and maintenance arrangements. System enhancements and upgrades are all part of the partnership as we seek to evolve and grow with your business.

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