Our clients

We partner with a wide range of businesses to help transform them and take their operations to a new level of efficiency and profitability. From RTOs to ELICOS and from TAFEs to Universities and other Higher Education Providers, we customise and create technology that your organisation can work with and thrive.

Higher Education

  1. Acknowledge Education
  2. Adelaide Institute of Higher Education
  3. Asia Pacific International College
  4. Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
  5. Australian School of Accounting
  6. Canterbury Institute Of Management
  7. Centre for Pavement Engineering Education
  8. Christian Heritage College
  9. Crown Institute of Higher Education
  10. ECA College of Health Sciences
  11. ECA Swinburne
  12. ECA: VU - India
  13. Victoria University Sydney
  14. Education Centre of Australia (ECA-IT Masters)
  15. Education Centre of Australia (ECA-LMU)
  16. Higher Education Leadership Institute
  17. Kent Institute
  18. Leaders Institute Pty Ltd
  19. Lyons College
  20. Nan Tien Institute
  21. Ridley College
  22. Stanley College
  23. Sydney Institute of Higher Education
  24. Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  25. Sydney International School of Technology & Commerce
  26. Sydney Met
  27. Texila College Australia

Professional Year

  1. Australian Technical & Management College
  2. ECA Professional Year
  3. Performance Education


  1. College of Sports & Fitness
  2. ECA Graduate Institute
  3. ECA Australian Computer Society
  4. Australasian College of Care Leadership and Management
  5. ECA College
  6. ALG
  7. Canterbury Technical Institute
  8. Canterbury Business College
  9. Kingsford International Institute
  10. Canterbury Language Academy