Our systems play nicely with others

Meshed Enterprise Management Systems are designed to take your business to a whole new level of efficiency, productivity and ease-of-use. And that’s why we’ve made sure that our systems integrate with a number of platforms, systems and software commonly used by education institutions and organisations.

Learning Management System Integrations


All our products and systems can be fully integrated with Moodle – the most popular e-learning system on the market. In fact, our system ‘talks’ to Moodle and information is transferred between the two platforms to save you time, reduce data entry and provide instant access to real-time information.

You can even offer online enrolment via a Meshed platform and the integration will provide instant access and registration to your Moodle site.

Canvas Integration

The Meshed Platform can be integrated with Canvas – a popular cloud-based Learning Management System that makes teaching and learning easier.

The integration of Canvas with the Meshed Platform allows for:

  • Creation of Canvas user accounts when Students enrol in a course in the Meshed Platform.
  • Mapping of the Meshed Platform subjects and units to courses in Canvas.
  • Enrolment of Students to courses in Canvas when Students enrol subjects and units in the Meshed Platform.
  • Integration of Student final grades from Canvas to the Meshed Platform.

Meshed Group has developed the Canvas console engine which can be run at desired intervals of time (daily, every 12 hours, every 2 hours, etc) to interchange data between two systems.

Payment Integrations

  • NAB
  • Westpac PayWay
  • CommWeb
  • Debitsuccess
  • Paypal
  • BPAY®

Accounting Package Integrations


The Meshed Platform can be integrated with the most popular accounting software on the market – MYOB. This simply means you eliminate the need to double handle data, you now have a single source of current information, and that individual financial transactions can be managed and recorded within the Meshed Platform and exported into MYOB.


As with MYOB, the Meshed Platform can be integrated with XERO – another hugely popular accounting software. It also eliminates the need to double handle data, provides a single source of current information, and means that individual financial transactions for Student fees can be managed and recorded within the Meshed Platform and exported into XERO.


Power BI Integration

The Meshed Platform can be integrated with Power BI – a popular business analytics tool from Microsoft.

Create and view your own custom Dashboards in Power BI, using data from your Meshed Platform business reports, for interactive analysis, visualizations, and insights which are key to driving your organization.

Power BI provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities, where end users can create reports and dashboards by themselves, without having to depend on information technology staff or database administrators.

Active Directory Integration

The Meshed Platform supports integration with an external Active Directory (AD) via the LDAP protocol. Creating a user account (Student or Staff) in the Meshed Platform will initiate the creation of the AD user account via the AD LDAP service.

SMS Functionality

SMS functionality can add significant value to your business. In conjunction with MessageMedia, we can offer an integrated SMS function that is cheaper than traditional mail, has higher open rates than an email and ensures high engagement. SMS sentence is also tracked as notes in Meshed platform.

Some examples of SMS communications may be:

  • Welcomes student and sends date reminder
  • Reminds student to submit their assignment
  • Encouraging message during exam week
  • Notifies exam results are posted online
  • Reminds student fee payment is due
  • Reminds student fee payment is overdue
  • Reminder to agent, payment has not been made
  • Thank student for paying fee

API Functionality

The Meshed Platform can now be fully integrated with your organisation’s website in delivering the enquiry and application process for prospective students using Meshed API capability.

This means that you have the ability to have application or enrolment forms directly on your organisation’s own website that will then automatically feed into your Meshed platform via API integration.

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