Meshed + XERO

Automate your XERO invoice payments with Meshed platform.

Meshed Xero Integration

About XERO

The Meshed Platform can be integrated with XERO – a popular accounting software commonly used by education institutions and organisations.

The interchange of data between the Meshed Platform and XERO, using the Meshed Xero API Integration Module, eliminates the need to double handle data.


Integration provides the ability to sync financial information:

  • Invoices for Student fees can be managed and recorded within the Meshed Platform and exported to XERO.
  • Settled payments can be imported from XERO to the Meshed Platform to reconcile the transactions between the two platforms.

Meshed group has developed XERO console engine which can be run at desired interval of time (once a day, every 12 hours, every 2 hours, etc) to interchange data between two systems.

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