USI integration

Meshed + USI

Seamlessly verify, look-up, or create Student USI’s directly from within your Student Management System.

About USI

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a reference number made up of numbers and letters, unique to each Student. The USI stays with a Student for life and must be recorded with any nationally recognised Course they undertake. The USI allows Students to link previous and future qualifications, from any providers, into a single authenticated transcript.

To meet compliance obligations, most education or training providers are required to collect and report USI numbers for Students. This applies to new Students, continuing Students, pre-enrolled Students, etc.

The Meshed Platform USI Integration allows for a two-way integration with the USI Registry in real time via a web service connection that allows for:

  • Creating a USI
  • Locating/Finding a USI
  • Verifying a USI

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