Meshed + Moodle

Improve the management of Student Academic Progress and Results using your Meshed Platform and Moodle.

About Moodle

Moodle Learning Management System is a popular open-source e-learning solution that can be used to deliver courses and assessments.

Moodle can be integrated with Meshed Student Management Systems.

Meshed Student Management Systems ‘talk’ to Moodle and information is transferred between the two platforms.


Integrating Moodle with Meshed Student Management Systems provides benefits such as:

  • save time and costs by reducing manual data entry
  • provide instant access to real-time information
  • Meshed platform online enrolment provides instant access and registration to the Moodle site

Integration with Moodle supports the following:

  • Send Subjects/Units, ShortCodes, etc. for courses delivered using Moodle to the Meshed Platform
  • Send Course Assessments (for Units) delivered using Moodle to the Meshed Platform
  • Send Meshed Platform Student Subject/Unit enrolments to Moodle
  • Sync Assessment Grades or Final Results from Moodle to the Meshed Platform

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