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About Message Media

The Meshed Platform can be integrated with the SMS Provider MessageMedia, a popular messaging platform commonly used by education institutions and organisations.

MessageMedia offers several services to clients, including sending messages to many recipients at once, two-way communication using a dedicated mobile number, etc.


Integration of the Meshed Platform with MessageMedia supports the following functions:

  • Sending messages to applicants using the Offer SMS List. The SMS can be sent to a specific applicant, or a list of applicants in a bulk.
  • Sending messages to individual Staff from their profile.
  • Sending messages to individual Students from their profile.
  • Sending messages to Staff in bulk using communication tools.
  • Sending messages to Students in bulk using communication tools.

The Meshed Platform supports creation and management of SMS templates which can be used whenever sending SMS messages. All SMS communication is recorded in the Staff or Student communication diary. This enables reference to the communication whenever required.

MessageMedia is a third-party provider which is not operated by Meshed Group. Subscription, support, and management of the MessageMedia system needs to be managed by the Client with the MessageMedia team. For any support, please contact MessageMedia at

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