Meshed + InPlace

Manage and update your students placement information.

About InPlace

InPlace is a placement solution system widely used by education and training providers across Australia. This is a smart solution that manages the placement information through a streamlined solution that connects the database with all the major aspects of placement such as Compliance, Assessments, Communication, Allocation, Surveys, Timesheet/Logs, and much more.

Meshed is providing the integration service with the InPlace system via an FTP solution. This is based on the file export from the Meshed Platform to the secure FTP location where InPlace can access these files and import them to the InPlace system to record/update the data.


The Meshed Platform Integration with InPlace supports the following functions:

  • Send the Campus/location data to InPlace
  • Send the Course and Subjects (or units) data to InPlace
  • Send the Calendar and Intake data to InPlace
  • Send the Student information, Course, and subject enrolment details to InPlace
  • Send any additional system information via Extended Attributes (only as customisation)

The following files are exported from the Meshed Platform to the FTP as a part of the InPlace Integration:

  • Faculty
  • Calendar
  • Location/Campus
  • Discipline
  • Course
  • Course Version
  • Unit
  • Unit Version
  • Unit Offering
  • Student
  • Student Unit Offering
  • Student Course Version
  • Student Address
  • Student Images (Not in scope currently)
  • Staff
  • Extended Attributes (Not in scope currently)

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