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Meshed + Debitsuccess

Set up direct debit payment plans for your students.

About Debitsuccess

The Meshed and Debistsuccess integration delivers new levels of efficiency, productivity and ease-of-use for education organisations and account holders.

The integration offers an innovative business solution with the ability for clients using Meshed Group platforms to set up direct debit payment plans for their students. The platform streamlines the entire payment process for educational institutions, eliminates the need to double handle data and reduces additional processing.


The integration of Debitsuccess with the Meshed Platform allows for:

  • Creation of Debitsuccess customer accounts.
  • Setup of Student payment details (Bank Account, Credit Card, etc.) in Debitsuccess.
  • Sending Meshed Platform payment plans to Debitsuccess.
  • Settlement of successful Debitsuccess Direct Debit transactions in the Meshed Platform.


The data is regularly interchanged between the two systems which facilitates ease-of -use and productivity. This helps meet the needs of both educational institutions and their students.

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