Canvas Integration

Meshed + Canvas

Eliminate the need to double handle data.

About Canvas

The Meshed Platform can be integrated with Canvas – a popular cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that makes teaching and learning easier. It is used by learning institutions, educators, and students to access and manage online course learning materials and communicate about skill development and learning achievement.

The integrated interchange of data between the Meshed Platform and Canvas eliminates the need to double handle data providing benefits associated with improved efficiency and accuracy.


Our two-way integration eliminates double handling of data and allows for:

  • Click Creation of Canvas user accounts when student user accounts are created in the Meshed Platform.
  • Mapping of the Meshed Platform subjects and units to courses in Canvas.
  • Enrolment of students to courses in Canvas when students enrol to subjects and units in the Meshed Platform.
  • Integration of student final grades from Canvas to the Meshed Platform.

Meshed Group Canvas Integration module has two way automation and can be schedule to run at desired intervals of time (daily, every 12 hours, every 2 hours, every 10 minutes etc) to interchange data between two systems.

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