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The ongoing spread of the new coronavirus has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy. In many countries, restrictions imposed by government agencies have disrupted daily routines for millions, including students. Many education institutions around the world have suspended face-to-face classes, seminars, closed campuses, and will have the need to deliver courses online. Online learning will be the way forward with the current COVID-19 situation. Education Providers are now testing the transition to online learning. They are looking for teachers to be able to provide easy access to rich course content, online lectures, real-time tutoring and technology-enabled learning in ways that education delivery can be an effective learning experience.

Meshed Group’s cloud-based solutions can assist our clients seeking to offer online courses to students in response to current challenges.  Delivering online course content to students can be supported by different online learning tools. Students can conveniently access course materials on smart phones or laptops through the student portal. Further the Student Portal allows students to view their timetable, payments, and academic results, and download college materials. This portal can also be used as a platform for communication between students, teachers and college administration. With the online assessment module, students can upload their submissions and the teachers will be notified, making online interaction easy and engaging for the student.

Teachers can check the academic progress of the students at any time, through the Teacher Portal. This will provide teachers an insight into student academic progress and whether students need increased support on any subject course. Also, tracking their attendances and engagement over the learning portal enables providers to be aware of the areas where further support may be required, or reach out to students to help them achieve desired outcomes. This enables providers with a greater engagement and satisfaction for the students and helping them succeed in their studies.

Meshed Group Platforms also integrate with popular cloud-based Learning Management Systems that make teaching and learning easier. Online enrolment can be offered via the Meshed platform and the integration provides instant access and registration to the LMS. Meshed Group will continue to support our clients to ensure the health and safety of our education community and to succeed in their mission of providing academic guidance to students through the use of tools available.

At Meshed Group, we are committed to supporting our clients and their business operations by enabling central communication mechanism within one platform. We, at Meshed Group, are passionate about education technology as this is what we do best!

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