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Creative intension

  • Change from existing provider
  • Integration of technology




When creativeintension, an organisational development consultancy, purchased Corelink, a registered training organisation, it found the current provider:

  • Could not support both functions of the business, and
  • Was not willing to customise their solution to fit the new enterprise.

As a result, creativeintension looked for a technology partner that was progressive and agile in the education space, responsive to regulatory changes, and provided a holistic solution to the challenges they were facing with processes, accuracy and compliance.

The Challenges

The following challenges were identified as part of project planning:

  • The complexity of migrating data from the current provider and a myriad of other software platforms, such as an ACT database
  • A high level of customisation required around new business processes
  • Extensive staff training required as a result of the acquisition bringing in new business processes combined with a new system
  • A small business budget.


In order to mitigate the above challenges, the Meshed team devised and deployed a range of solutions:

  • Project Streamline was created by creativeintension to manage the transition to RTOManager and a team was created, ensuring effective change management around the both system andorganisational change
  • Implementation of the RTOManager-Local core package with additional modules and customisation
  • A staged roll-out of product modules over a three-year period based on:
    • The evolution and creation of business processes following acquisition, and
    • Budget
  • A detailed development log to keep track of system customisation
  • Training and continuous user feedback


Despite undergoing significant organisational change, creativeintension has been able to align internal processes across the two entities.

  • Business processes have become more streamlined
  • Bespoke feature development and customisation matches their exact business process, providing simplicity and risk mitigation
  • Integrated technology provides real-time data and analytics to understand the new ‘merged’ business
  • Students can enrol and pay online, with automations reducing double handling and risk of errors while also reducing manual administration
  • Compliance and reporting is significantly easier and faster than under the previous system.

The project benefits aren’t limited purely to creativeintension. Many RTOManager modules that were enhanced to meet creativeintension’s requirements have subsequently been made available to all clients to deliver further organisational agility.