Are you TCSI ready?

What is TCSI?

TCSI – Tertiary Collection of Student Information (pronounced as “taxi”) is a joint project between The Department of Education and the Department of Human Services to transform how student information is collected. The departments are working together with education providers and software developers to build a compatible solution to collect student information.

Is TCSI relevant for me?

TCSI is relevant to any providers currently reporting data through the HEPCAT system. Since March 2021, you will need to use the new TCSI system to report data to the Australian Government. This includes FEE-HELP, HECS-HELP providers and, VSL providers.

All Higher Education providers (‘providers’) that are approved under the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA) are required to report data for the Higher Education Data Collection using TCSI.

All approved Higher Education providers (‘providers’) will need to report Provider Information Request (PIR) data for 2021 using the TCSI implementation. This implementation is currently under development by the TCSI team who will provide updated information on the transition steps.

Which data collections are included in the TCSI project?

The new data system will be used for all data previously reported via HEPCAT or HEIMS Administration, including course, campus, student, completions, Commonwealth scholarships, PIR, University applications and offers, and staff data collections. The new structure for the collections is set out in the Data Framework. The links below provide further details:

Reporting method

All data can be reported through:

  • An application programming interface (API) from each provider’s student management system to the Government or
  • TCSI Data Entry

What are the key dates for reporting?

December 2020 – TCSI is scheduled for release to production. Providers may choose to begin using their TCSI solution to report the remainder of their 2020 records.

January 2021 – Open uptake. All providers can commence transitioning to TCSI for their 2021 student data.

31 March 2021 – Transition to TCSI is complete. All providers have adopted event-based reporting using TCSI.

Providers should plan to adopt their TCSI solution well before the due date to ensure they have adequate time to implement their system and manage any unforeseen challenges.

HEPCAT will not be used for student reporting after a provider transitions to TCSI.

FEE-HELP/HECS-HELP/VSL – Event based reporting is required for packets that are critical to understanding study behaviour that may have an impact on entitlements, claims processes and payment accuracy.

While early reporting is encouraged, reporting more than six months in advance of a census date is optional for unit enrolments and any linked packets.

All corrections and updates to data that has already been reported must be made:

  • before the initial reporting deadline, or
  • within 7 days of the information needed to make the correction or update becoming available.

whichever date is later.

Please refer to the link below to understand reporting deadlines for each and every packet:

Provider Information Request – Providers can report new and revised data as soon as the data is available. The system can receive information about past events and some events that are planned to occur (e.g., the establishment of a course in the following year).

All corrections and updates to data that have already been reported must be made before the reporting deadline.

Please refer to the link below for the PIR reporting schedule for 2021:

Where can I get more information?

Providers can get more information about TCSI on the TCSI Support website

Are Meshed Group platforms TCSI ready?

Yes, we are. We are committed to supporting the TCSI project and its solutions to ensure Provider data from Meshed Platforms will be correctly and accurately reported to the relevant Government entities. The Meshed Group Technical, Design, and Development teams have been actively working on the required Meshed Platform Integration models, designs, prototypes, etc. to implement the preferred business to government (B2G) application programming interfaces (APIs) solution. Our proactive approach to TCSI will enable us to deliver a robust, reliable, and proven Meshed Platform Integration to support Provider data reporting.

For Provider Information Request (PIR) reporting, the Meshed team have commenced working with the TCSI team to implement the Meshed Platform solution.

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