Go seamless with Meshed Workflow

An intuitive process management system.

Design forms, automate work, and organise business processes.

Your educational enterprise is in good hands with Meshed Workflow’s assistance. A web-based process management system that is intuitive, and enables a seamless user experience making it effortless to manage workflows and tasks for multiple users or roles within the organisation.

How does it work?

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build online forms which can then be linked with process workflows through a few simple steps.

Build Your Form

Design your workflow process

Map form with workflow process

User submits form

initiate workflow process

Manage and track progress

What are its core features?

  • User Interface

    Drag-and-drop interface to digital forms and map approval-based workflows.

  • End-to-end

    Manage student online form submissions and their progress tracking, start to completion.

  • Automate task assignment

    Workflow process automates the task assignment to the right people.

  • Track and monitor

    Individual tasks or workflow progress can be tracked at every step.

  • Automated notifications

    Know when your tasks are due, and never miss a deadline.

  • Coherent integration

    Forget the paperwork. Integrate communication and files, all in one place.

  • Integration with Meshed Platforms

    Seamless integration with Meshed Platforms with zero hiccups

How does it help your organisation?

Workflow promises an efficient engagement with students and provides tools to track and manage every request.

Every feature is designed to help you achieve

  • Paper free office

  • Increased productivity

  • Cost-efficiency

  • Less wastage

  • Better student engagement

  • Organisation growth