POLi integration

Meshed + POLi

Make a secure payment from the internet banking portal directly to the business.

About POLi

POLi is an online payment service in Australia that allows you to make a secure payment from the internet banking portal directly to the business. It is one of the popular payment solutions that does not require any registration or storage of information. It is considered a safe method of payment as it does not store any sensitive information from the users. To facilitate users to make payments for the services, POLi provides an online payment gateway. This can be integrated with other service platforms to streamline the process of making payments.

The Meshed Platform offers payment integration with the POLi via an API. This integration is based on the REST API method. Clients can customise their POLi portal to enhance the interface that is visible to users. Students are able to make payments using their internet/online banking. This supports online banking from all the major banks in Australia.


The Meshed Platform Integration with POLi supports the following functions:

  • Students click on “Pay Now” for the invoices from their Student portal.
  • Students use their online banking account (Netbank) to process a payment.
  • Invoices are marked as paid and auto-receipted in the Meshed Platform.
  • Students and accounts are notified via email once the payment is successful (subjected to the activation of email templates).
  • PayFee report updated with the log

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