Online Learning Support Tools

The customisable Enterprise Management System for your Educational Institution.

Online Learning Support Tools

Engage with your students using Meshed Group online learning solutions

Online Class Enrolment

Manage the entire online class enrolment by allowing students to enrol themselves using the Student Portal, or staff to enrol students from the Student Profile, into course subjects with timetabled classes during a defined enrolment period. Subject enrolment minimum and maximum numbers can also be defined for the Online Class Enrolment.

Course Material Management module 

Manage your course materials in one place with the ability to upload and download course materials. The course materials can be accessed by the Trainer (using Trainer Portal) or Student (using Student Portal).

Online Assessment Submission module

Enable your students to submit their assessments online and allow teachers to review and post results online with feedback for students.

E-Learning Tools (Online Test)

Create online tests with students able to access test results via the Student Portal.

Providers can also easily conduct a pre-enrolment test online for students before they start their course. 

Student Portal

Student Portal access enables real time access to student profile information. Students can access their portal online and via Meshed Mobility Mobile App.

Students can access the below information through their portal:

  • Student profile information
  • Course Information
  • Student study progress (timetable/attendance/results/payment information)
  • General notices
  • Communication notices
Teacher Portal

Teacher Portal access enables real time access to teachers’ profile, schedule, location, students and more. Teachers can view the below through their portal:

  • Class List
  • Take attendance for their class
  • View Student Information
  • Enter Assessment Results
  • Download/Mark/Upload assessment (using Online Assessment Submission module)
SMS Functionality

SMS Functionality enables providers to send SMS notification to students. This will help providers effectively engage with students. (Requires Module activation and subscription to SMS service provider)

Integration with Popular Learning Management System

Meshed Platforms can be integrated with the below popular Learning Management systems.

  • Moodle
  • Canvas
  • Catapult

The two systems can by synced and information is securely shared between the platforms to save you time, reduce data entry and provide instant access to real-time information.

Meshed Workflow

Design forms, automate work, and organise business processes.

Your educational enterprise is in good hands with Meshed Workflow’s assistance. A web-based process management system that is intuitive and enables a seamless user experience making it effortless to manage workflows and tasks for multiple users or roles within the organisation.

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