A seamless transition for you and your data

We understand that data migration is a major issue for organisations like yours when introducing a new management system. That’s why we’ve become the experts when it comes to migrating all variants of data in a seamless manner.

At Meshed we ensure your continuity and truly value your core business information. We know how vital your data it is to your business and we treat it as such. In the past our technicians have extracted data from spreadsheets, legacy and custom applications and have successfully transferred mapped data to one of our Meshed platforms.

Also, we believe in offering a service that exceeds your expectations. So why not engage one of our consultants to review and clean your data before it’s migrated into our new system? So whether it’s student information, training materials or courses and training activity, our experts will work with you to map and migrate your information to ensure it’s in the best state possible.

When you work with Meshed, you receive 3 Data Migration Process options:

  1. Compliance REPORTS – we simply review, analyse and migrate the data provided in your compliance report.
  2. CLIENT POPULATED DATA TEMPLATES – we provide you with the data templates that you fill out and send through to us for analysis and migration to your new system.
  3. CLIENT BACKUP – you send us your data backup from your previous management system or legacy system and we then proceed to either migrate your total data as a whole batch OR we migrate your current data first, followed by a later migration of your historical data.

Contact one of our friendly team today to talk about securely migrating your data.