System tailored for your Higher Education Enterprise

Meshed Higher-Ed, the innovative Enterprise Management System that’s tailor made for higher education providers and universities.

Meshed Higher-Ed is the perfect system for Higher education providers that aim to reach higher levels of performance and capability.

Our intuitive online solution integrates all aspects of a management system such as:

  • Higher Education provider business operations
  • Student management from enquiry to graduation
  • Teacher Management
  • Agent Management
  • Higher Education Timetabling management
  • Course and materials management
  • Compliance and reporting requirements (PIR Reporting, Fee Help, CRICOS Compliance)
  • Finance administration
  • Sales and marketing (CRM capabilities)
  • Integration
    • Online application integration
    • Learning Management Systems (e.g Moodle, Blackboard)
    • University Systems
    • StudyLink data import

Implementing a new Enterprise Management System is a challenge in itself, and that’s why we, at Meshed, work with you end-to-end to ensure a seamless transition so you achieve your business objectives.

What does this partnership look like?

While the solution is customised client to client, we follow a process that helps us achieve the best results.

  1. We listen to you to really understand your business
  2. Our team structures a customised Higher-Ed Solution
  3. We implement the solution, including data migration for existing organisations
  4. We provide the necessary training to master your new system
  5. We offer ongoing support to help you along the way

Meshed Higher-Ed is made up of modules that are flexible, customisable and with a portal that’s user-friendly and accessible from anywhere, your higher education organisation will run more efficiently than ever before.

Further our ability to integrate with any systems based on available integration points will ensure you continue to benefit from your existing business process and increase efficiency and engagement with Students, Facilitators (Lecturer & Tutors) and Agents.

Contact us today for a chat about how Meshed Higher-Ed can benefit your organisation.


Meshed Higher-Ed offers numerous tools to streamline higher education business operations and benefit all areas of your business.

Choose your base package and then add additional features as your business grows.

  • Enrolment Management

    Online enrolment forms, enrolment processing, automated emails and offer letters (conditional and full) and record documents.

  • Course Management

    Build your higher education courses. Set up course majors, subjects and its prerequisites. Define intakes for campus allowing students to apply desired course online.

  • Student Management

    Keep track of the complete student cycle from orientation, academic management to the issuing of Testamur. Manage administration of records, tools to monitor study progress, communications across multiple media (SMS, email).

  • Financials

    Manage collection and processing of all payments, invoice generation, receipt preparation, scholarship management and payment plans. Invoices can be auto generated based on student online enrolment of selected subjects for the semester.

  • Compliance & Reporting

    Meshed Higher-Ed platform includes ‘easy click’ tools to manage CRICOS compliance and reporting, TEQSA PIR reporting, FEE HELP reporting among others.

  • Document Management

    Centralise your documents in one place. Upload all of your documents (i.e. handbooks, procedures) and set permissions for access to user roles. Keep the latest version within the platform.

  • Document Creation

    Generate standard templates across your business for brand integrity. Templates include testamur/transcript, student offer letters, finance documents etc.

  • Communications & Events

    Become a better communicator to all stakeholders through a suite of tools. Newsletters, broadcasting, SMS, diary, templates, automated communications and reminders.

  • Timetables & Scheduling

    Take the complexity out of scheduling timetables for subjects and empower students to enrol online each semester with a suite of management tools.

  • Portals (Teacher, Agent, Student)

    Empower your students, agents and facilitators by providing secure online access to a wealth of information. Give access to relevant information based on their user roles access.

  • Agent Management

    Manage your education agent and educational consultants recruitment process, compliance, communication and commissions.

  • Course Materials

    Manage all your course materials in the one place with the ability to easily upload and download material.

  • Administration & Security

    Streamline your business processes with an abundance of tools to make administration a breeze. Provide relevant user role access to increase engagement with control. Track changes of the system.

  • Survey Management

    Evaluation is a strategic tool that must be employed by all businesses to track the good and the bad, as well as plan for the future. Use Meshed Higher-Ed handy survey tool to find out what your key stakeholders think.

  • CRM (Marketing & Sales – Dashboard)

    Build stronger relationships with your current (and future) students and track their activity. Easily measure the returns on your sales & marketing efforts with an in-built customer relationship management tool.

  • Online Payment Integration

    Integrate Meshed Higher-Ed with your choice of online payment gateway (including Major Banks) to provide prompt access to students to streamline your fees collection process.

  • Task Management

    Keep on top of administration with a user level to-do list to manage and assign tasks.

  • Online Assessment Submission

    Take the hassle out of assessments by enabling your students to submit online, and facilitators to view and update results online.

  • E-Learning Tools

    In addition to online assessment and online evidence submission, you can add online multiple choice exams with instant access to test results.

  • Teacher Timesheet Management

    Manage your human resources with tools like timetable management, resource matrix, pay-periods, profile information, staff diary and files.

  • Multi Campus

    Manage your campuses in different locations and states within the one system via the multicampus feature.